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Hypnotherapy Services for Nuneaton, Bedworth, Coventry & Hinckley

Helen focuses on finding out what is at the the Root Cause of her clients presenting problem/symptom so it can then be corrected.

With the help of hypnotherapy your subconscious can explore and find the root cause - when this is identified it is possible to correct misunderstood information. This particular technique is known as Curative Hypnotherapy and is one of the main methods that Helen uses, along with other healing modalities that she has studied to help her clients.

  • Overcome anxieties and irrational fears 
  • Have freedom from unwanted habits & unhelpful behaviours
  • Address weight changes
  • Heal childhood traumas
  • Improve confidence

Irrational fears

Irrational / Inappropriate Fear responses can severely restrict a persons life causing stress related, emotional and physical symptoms. There are many techniques to help individuals to better manage these issues.

I have found that getting to the root cause of the particular issue is the key to eliminating these inappropriate responses and allowing the individual to then have the freedom to do what it is they want to do.

Managing and Reducing Stress

Learn how to manage stress before it manages you!

Everyone will have slightly different needs and during our first meeting we will discuss the options. Treatment may include several of the following:

  • Relaxation and Breathing Techniques / Mindfulness
  • PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
  • Goal Setting
  • Learning to Focus and Stay Focused
  • Time Management
  • Direction and Motivation

Inner Child Therapy

'Inner Child Healing' Therapy involves working with the 'Child Within' in order to free up and release childhood fears and insecurities that are still with us and limiting us in our lives.

Inner Child therapy allows the 'adult self ' to help the 'child self ' . There are various approaches for working with our Inner Child. I mostly use this in conjunction with Curative Hypnotherapy.

When you are on your journey to find the 'root cause' of your problem or difficulty, you may visit childhood memories. It could be that the 'little you' is feeling lost and alone at that time or frightened. While you are visiting that memory, when it is required / appropriate, I will use Inner Child therapy.

How this works is by allowing the adult self to visit that memory you will be able to make emotional changes. Your adult self can give your child self the reassurance and comfort needed at that time. You will be able to hug the little you and feel the emotions of love being received. In the case of a traumatic event you will be able to imagine rescuing the little you from that time and place (maybe prior to the event) experiencing a feeling of relief, resulting in a greater sense of inner peace (adult-self and child-self bonding with each other, helping each other).

Finding the root cause

"I specialise in finding the root cause of your Problem"

Finding the 'cause' is the most important part of treating any problem, unless the cause is uncovered then only symptoms are being treated. This can then result in suppression of the symptom, which will have one of two results; either the same problem will recur at a later date and often more sever or an alternative/substitute problem can develop which maybe more of an issue than the original one.

When someone consults me with their 'problem' whether it is anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, tension, lack of confidence etc. To me this is a 'symptom' of an underlying issue which may be one of many things for instance insecurity, fear of failure, rejection etc.

'Root Cause' what is this?

The true root cause is the very first piece of information, which the subconscious has stored, relevant to the development and creation of your 'problem'. This is simply incorrect information, something that has been misunderstood by your subconscious mind in the early years of your life.

What is the Trigger?

The Trigger is when you first experienced your problem. I find that many individuals think the trigger event is the root cause, this is because to them it was the start . However, the trigger cannot happen without all that has come before, the misunderstood information and incorrect beliefs.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Change

  • Get to underlying reasons and give dieting up for good!
  • Improve your weight naturally.
  • Find the underlying reason so it can be corrected.

When individuals contact me generally they have already tried many diets, slimming clubs etc. many have enjoyed some short-term success but find that after a little while 'the voice' returns "lets go and eat". The desire to eat too much or the wrong kinds of food is stronger than their willpower.
The constant battle can make life very difficult and can cause depression etc.

I'm sure many people reading this will identify with the above, you may have had therapy before which probably helped for a while. Maybe the help received was to think about food in a different way and be more positive or a therapy that helps with a distraction or suggestions which again may help temporarily . When something has been suppressed it returns, more often than not, as a much stronger desire. Something I have heard many times from my clients and sometimes a substitute issue takes its place, i.e. smoking, nail bitting, etc

  • Also for people who have a poor appetite or limited food types